Just Our Luck

Good day everyone,

Somehow it seems like we've had the odds stacked against us in the past couple of weeks. First with someone tripping over the webhost powercables, then our corrupted minipatch caused maximum mayhem, and finally our internetprovider decided it was time to break down and switch things around.


Meet The Community

Good day everyone,

Yesterday we tested the new version update and it was found stable enough to release. Today (in about an hour from now) we will shut down the server to update the live version to


The Dirty First

Good day everyone,

We have been holding back news about the project just for the joke in this title. How's that for planning ahead? Blum 3

Seriously though, a new version update is almost ready for testing before announcing the previous vu. The absence of publicity (noise) simply assured that we got the most dedicated people willing to test all the crafting recipes. That's right, crafting is back baby!


Champaign And Reefer

Good evening everyone,

We're in the second week of open testing and nothing exploded yet. The first days were a bit hectic, but with the most annoying issues fixed everything finally settled down a bit. A nice opportunity for an entry in the captains log...


Upping The Ante

Good news everyone,

The veil of secrecy has been lifted. We are now officially testing Ion version 0.6 out in the open now!
Please note that everything from 0.5.9 and 0.6.0 closed testing was discarded except for the login accounts!


Take Down Notice

Good day everyone,

We hope you all had some nice celebrations the last couple of days and we wish you all the very best for 2015.


Baked and Built

Hello everyone,

Here's a short update to deliver on a promise made to post some news this weekend...  Wink

All the content planned has been setup:


Unum Anno Mundi

Hello Everyone,

Opposite of Congress

Hello everyone,

It might have gone unnoticed to some of you, but a lot has happened since the last news update posted on this site. About time we shared another glimpse of what we've been cooking in the TestBuilt kitchen...


Around the Bend

Hello everyone,

We're back again for a quick news update with some good and bad news. The bad news is that we didn't make it to the closed testing phase before the end of September. The good news is that there's more good news than bad news and we're still making progress...


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